Janitorial Services in New York

Professional Janitorial Services

An office building in New York or Manhattan can be a messy place: A few drops of spilled coffee here, lunchtime crumbs there, and a lot of dust everywhere. Neglecting the necessary cleaning creates an unpleasant environment for your customers and partners, as well as for your staff who are in the office for at least one-third of their day. If you wish to solve all of these problems at once, the ideal solution is to hire a professional, Four Star General Cleaning!

Our Janitorial Service

As the leading  janitorial service in NYC, we specialize in cleaning every corner of your office: We will thoroughly dust the entire space, steam clean the carpets, wash the laminate flooring, disinfect the restrooms, and perform a wide range of other janitorial tasks. The end result will be a neat and tidy office, which your clients will be happy to visit and your staff will feel safe and comfortable to work in.

Our trained janitorial technicians are equipped to handle any type of job in our specialized areas of expertise. We carefully monitor the work of our staff on a regular basis to ensure that our high standards generate superior results for your cleaning needs.

School Cleaning

School cleaning in New York City is a very sensitive job, but with Four Star General Cleaning Services on your side, you can trust that the best job will be done. We are more sensitive to dust and microbes when we are young. More and more children develop allergies nowadays and it’s important to protect their environment to prevent these allergies from worsening, and the environment where children spend the majority of their time is school. So the officials of the school have to make sure that to get rid of dirt, dust, toxic chemicals and anything else that can cause sickness and an allergic reaction. In order to make sure that the students don’t get sick, NYC schools should be disinfected regularly.

Hiring a Manhattan cleaning company is the best way to ensure that the school is properly cleaned. At Four Star General Cleaning Services we are professionals that perfectly know how to maintain a sanitary and healthy New York school environment.

Green Janitorial Services

Office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other commercial dwellings are cleaned not only for aesthetic reasons but also to create a healthier environment. However, some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good to the building’s occupants and maintenance workers. Some ingredients also pose risks to the environment. Fortunately, there is now a market for green cleaning products, which are much safer for those involved and more efficient at ridding your office of germs and bacteria.

At Four Star General Cleaning, our professional janitorial services are backed by supplies that are Green Certified and are thus non-hazardous to the environment. We use these green cleaning supplies for everything – carpets, wood flooring, general building maintenance, and much more.

If you would like to learn more about our janitorial service company and our services in New York and Manhattan, NY, please contact us for a free estimate.